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REDZOEU (Author)

2008 Yamaha YZF-R6

Hey Folks! Really been a while i haven't posted in this blog.
But now here i am back again, with my (probably) very first motorcycle mod uploaded for public.
And yes, i'm uploading it to MediaFire first since i don't want to miss this special day.
Merry Christmas, everyone!

And now, for your Christmas present! ;)
A 2008 Yamaha YZF-R6!

Download here :

This motorcycle mod will also be available in GTAInside once the admin there approve my mod.
And credit me if you're going to upload this mod somewhere else, or people might think that you're a stealer (If you care that is).

Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Hold on!

No Updates Explanation

Well, i haven't been doing any updates with my blog currently. You readers probably know that by looking at the date of the last post before this post.
Why are there no updates lately? It's because i'm busy doing random mods. But in return of this, i got some info that only FEW of you MIGHT be interested in.


Okay, here are the cars that were going to be released by me. I might even probably upload them to GTAInside!

- Nissan GT-R '13 [Currently testing]
- Toyota GT-86 (High-end PCs only) [Work In Progress]
- Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster [Work In Progress]
- Subaru BRZ (High-end PCs only) [Work In Progress]

There might be more, but i'm not just gonna reveal them all since there are little visitors on my blog. Not that i wanted more visitors anyway. Just a hobby of mine.
Okay, for now, それで終わりです (sore de owaridesu). And NO i am not Japanese.

Need For Speed : The RUN - Shelby GT500 Super Snake "NFS EDITION"

Been leaving this car for 1 month, and it's finally ready! Note that this is not a Hot Pursuit convert with The RUN elements or parts. This is 100% from The RUN itself. How? Ninja Ripper says it all.
About the EGOIST... Little delay won't hurt, won't it?
Anywaaay... Preview!


Nissan GT-R EGOIST Final Render

Rushed Work. This is what i achieve from today's work (29/4). So far it looks like it's ready to be converted. Gonna do some finishing touches later on. Enjoy the picture for the meantime.

Nissan GT-R EGOIST Incoming!

Decided to work on this since 27 April, but then i fully continued this today. Check out the current progress of the car!

So far, only front bumper has made it's progress. Model base is from SHIFT2UNLEASHED with some Texture mixing from other games than that. I might plan to fix some model errors on front bumper later on. :\
(I did make an EGOIST before too with FM4's model, but it turned out bad)

Second Car from Ridge Racer Unbounded!

I ended up discontinuing the Bisonte from the previous post and took this instead.
Shindo Crimson TT. Don't worry, i might change my mind and continue the Bisonte ;)
For now, render picture of the Crimson TT :

Incoming Car!

Most of you should know what this car is, just by looking at the shape.
If you don't know what this is, try opening the image and see the link ;)