REDZOEU On Sunday, June 9, 2013

Well, i haven't been doing any updates with my blog currently. You readers probably know that by looking at the date of the last post before this post.
Why are there no updates lately? It's because i'm busy doing random mods. But in return of this, i got some info that only FEW of you MIGHT be interested in.


Okay, here are the cars that were going to be released by me. I might even probably upload them to GTAInside!

- Nissan GT-R '13 [Currently testing]
- Toyota GT-86 (High-end PCs only) [Work In Progress]
- Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster [Work In Progress]
- Subaru BRZ (High-end PCs only) [Work In Progress]

There might be more, but i'm not just gonna reveal them all since there are little visitors on my blog. Not that i wanted more visitors anyway. Just a hobby of mine.
Okay, for now, それで終わりです (sore de owaridesu). And NO i am not Japanese.

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